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Introducing Mechtric's range of thermostats

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article image C10 Thermostat from Mechtric

Mechtric currently supply four different types of thermostats. Each of these thermostats has been designed with a specialised application in mind.

Mechtric’s C01 Pipe Thermostat is used to sense temperatures by direct contact with pipe work. These pipe thermostats have a liquid expansion sensing element incorporated into their design and pipe fastening is by metal band. Control is by circulating pump or by heating unit.

The C04 Thermostat is a capillary thermostat for use in boilers, air conditioning units and ovens. It has been constructed with an anti shock thermoplastic body and has copper or nickel plated copper bulb and capillary. This model also has a liquid expansion sensing element incorporated into its design.

The C10 Thermostats are used for controlling ambient temperatures in cool rooms, green houses and cellars. A liquid expansion sensing element with spiral capillary and anti shock thermoplastic construction make this model both reliable and simple to operate.

Mechtric’s C16 Thermostats control for ambient temperatures in hotel rooms and apartments. They come with vapour pressure sensing equipment and an optional LED and on/off switch.

Mechtric strive to provide their customers with a high level of customer service and a large range of high quality, off the shelf electrical products.

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