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Range of metal coating solutions offered by Mechanical Plating

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Mechanical Plating  provides metal coating solutions which include metallic coatings, metal plating, galvanised coatings, metal sprays and so on. Mechanical Plating provides Hollymetal which is an alloy consisting of zinc and tin. Zinc provides sacrificial protection and tin is generally used as a barrier coat.

The alloy of zinc and tin metals provides superior corrosion resistance. The tin inhibits the corrosion of the zinc which in turn inhibits the corrosion of the part itself. The Hollymetal alloy provided by Mechanical Plating provides much higher corrosion resistance properties.

Mechanical Plating also provides Galvacoat which is a heavy Zinc coating. Mechanical Plating helps to control Galvacoat heavy zinc coating with complete accuracy in the thickness range from 25 to 125 microns, depending on customers' requirements with no hydrogen embittlement. Galvacoat coating provided by Mechanical Plating complies the Australian standards on "hot-Dipped Galvanising" AS 1214-1983 and AS 1650-1981, which calls for a minimum thickness of 42 microns.

Mechanical Plating also provides mechanical zinc, clear chromate and yellow chromate coatings. These coatings provide the same Salt Spray resistance as the equivalent electroplated coatings but without any hydrogen embrittlement on hi-tensile steel.

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