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BINDER, represented by Mechanical Components , ac and dc spring-applied brakes open electromagnetically with very short response times, allowing the drive motor to start unhindered. Consequently, there is little wear to the brake lining, life service is increased and the number of operations an hour is high.

Since the motor and brake are both operated on the same type of current, the brakes may alternatively be connected parallel to the motor terminals.

Dc spring-applied brakes from Binder open electromagnetically via direct current. These are fail-safe brakes and may be used for numerous applications, especially those with the highest requirements.

Binder permanent magnet brakes are distinguished by their high power density and movement free holding function.

They are especially suited for use in servo-motors and are assembled ready for use and are suitable for start/stop operations on continuous drives.

All accessories which may be used with these products, such as rectifiers, micro-switches, over-excitation rectifiers or additional parts for increased protection, are also available from Binder.

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