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Dust control in mineral plants

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article image The new Mecal loading chute.

MECAL , manufacturer of vacuum cleaning equipment and Nodust telescopic loading chutes, has introduced two new equipment to assist with the control of dust in mineral processing plants.

The Mecal loading chutes with integral dust collectors are new versions of loading chutes with cartridge filters, reverse air jet cleaning system and exhaust fan.

An all-in-one unit, they are especially suitable for new installations where there is no dust collector available and extra head room can be allowed in the design of the loading station.

The new Mecal automatic bagging hopper is used with an industrial vacuum cleaner where the dust or reusable products are cleaned up and collected in the intermediate hopper with automatic continuous air lock discharging system into a bulk bag of one or two cubic metre capacity.

A filter bag with electric shaker motor is used to filter the dust and automatically loading into the bulk bag.

The unit is handled in a packed position by forklift and telescopic chute on site to the right height to suit the bulk bag.

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