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U'sonic Series Ultrasonic transmitter from Measurement Solutions

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SMARTGain eliminates interfering signals from agitators and other internal vessel obstructions without the need to empty the vessel and without operator intervention. Easily ignores pipes and obstructions that are in the sonic beam path.

U'sonic Series Ultrasonic transmitter provides a reliable, repeatable and highly accurate (0.15%) continuous level measurement of liquids.

The U'sonic Series Ultrasonic transmitter is capable of liquid level measurement to ranges up to 9.1 m , with a 2-wire 4-20mA, HART output signal.

The U'sonic sensor is constructed of CPVC for use in environments that are classified hazardous (Class I, Div. 1) with intrinsically safe or explosion proof installation requirements, temperature range from -40°C to 70°C and with process pressures up to 50 psig. The system is available with either a 2” NPT or 2” BSP process connection.

The compact electronics comes standard with an integral display and keypad for local configuration and precludes the need for expensive hand-held communicators or PC software. Internal software features support over 80 standard flume and weir characterisations with totalisation display in a resettable and a non-resettable format.

Custom characteriations for non-standard flow or tank shapes can be set up through a 21-point strapping table.

The U'sonic Series Ultrasonic transmitter features patented algorithms and SMART GAIN that allow the system to ignore most internal vessel obstructions that may be positioned directly in the ultrasonic beam path without the need for user intervention. The sensor also can be recessed in vessel nozzles to allow measurement to the very top of the vessel.

The U'sonic Series Ultrasonic transmitter is available from Measurement Solutions .

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