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Tracer 2 analyser available from Measurement Solutions

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Meeco have introduced the second generation of their Tracer modular moisture analyser and fifth generation of parts-per-billion (ppb) detectors. The Tracer 2 analyser, available from Measurement Solutions , offers more alarms and new options.

The Tracer 2 pairs parts per-billion (ppb) detection with fast response time. It is easy to use, hook it up and involves a few keystrokes. The Tracer 2 analyser is suitable for a stationary analytical rack or a portable cart, and has the quick response required to eliminate moisture as a yield detractor. The Tracer 2 analyser draws from the fundamental principle of physics, the Faraday’s law, and measures moisture through electrolysis. The electrical current generated relates directly to the moisture concentration in the gas. As it relies on an absolute measure, the Tracer 2 analyser requires no sensor calibration.

The users need to verify their flow and current, and meet the documented procedure for ISO 9000. A robust design combined with moisture-addition technology makes the Tracer 2 analyser a flexible moisture analyser. The unit is compact and has space for two devices in one standard panel-mount case, the Tracer 2 Duo. This feature saves space and also permits users to measure two gas lines at a time.

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