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Sludge blanket interface monitor

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article image The CCS4000 monitoring system.

DREXELBROOK's new CCS4000 multi-channel sludge blanket and clarity loss monitor improves the overall efficiency of water and wastewater treatment plants, and reduces costs associated with sludge pumping and disposal.

By tracking the compacted sludge and the lighter rag layer that forms above the blanket, operators can optimise the sludge withdrawal process and the use of chemical settling agents on up to four vessels.

The multi-channel unit significantly lowers the instrumentation cost per vessel.

A reduction in sludge removal, de-watering and disposal costs is achieved by controlling the pumps based on the compacted sludge levels that typically collect beneath the lighter rag layer, reducing the amount of water that is removed with the solids.

Monitoring the lighter rag layer settling rates can control the use of flocculent. Chemicals are added only as they are needed, resulting in a reduction of chemical costs.

The CCS4000 also monitors the clarity loss in the vessel, providing an early warning of worsening effluent quality. This early warning gives plant operators time to take corrective action before it is too late. Measurement Solutions 02 9894 4300.

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