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Simple ULTRX holders for ULTRX rupture discs from Measurement Solutions

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article image Simple ULTRX holder for ULTRX rupture disc

The ULTRX Holder for ULTRX Rupture disc, available from Measurement Solutions , is an insert type. The ULTRX Holder has been designed for simplicity, superior sealing capability and safety.

Alignment of the ULTRX rupture disc and flow direction orientation are provided by round and rectangular pins located in the inlet holder and matching notches in the rupture disc rings.

A tapered, raised seat on the inlet holder provides uniform load on the ULTRX rupture disc, insuring a metal to-metal leak-tight seal between the rupture disc and holder. The ULTRX rupture disc and holder parts are preassembled using side clips.

As a standard, a J-Hook is provided for easy alignment and proper installation between companion flanges. The ULTRX rupture disc holder can also be manufactured in a pretorque design, at customer request. This design allows the holder and rupture disc to be “bolted up” prior to insertion in the system piping.

Holders are available for ANSI, JIS or DIN class flanges. Holders to fit other national or international standards are available upon request.

ULTRX holders are machined from investment castings of standard materials including Carbon steel, 316SS, Monel and Hastelloy-C. Other materials are also available upon request.

Holders are available with options including 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" gauge tap, nipple and tee, excess flow valve, pressure gauge, special facings, Teflon coating. For additional corrosion protection, tantalum lining is available on the inlet portion of the holder.

Both the holder inlet and outlet are tagged. These tags identify the parts as to ratings and flow direction. A 3D flow direction tag is used on the ULTRX rupture disc to provide immediate visual verification of proper installation of the rupture disc assembly.

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