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SANITRX LP Rupture Discs available from Measurement Solutions

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The SANITRX LP is Continental Disc's newest rupture disc product, designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. It has the same features as the original SANITRX Rupture Disc design, but is available at much lower pressures and lower KR flow resistance factor. The SANITRX LP Rupture Disc is available from Measurement Solutions .

With a response time of milliseconds, the SANITRX LP Rupture Disc is a scored reverse acting rupture disc, which bursts open at a pre-determined set pressure, relieving an overpressure situation. This metal rupture disc is suitable for primary and/or secondary system relief protection, and can also be used to isolate a safety relief valve from leakage or permeation.

Following are the features of the SANITRX LP Rupture Disc:

  • Lower available burst pressures – as low as 0690 barg (10 psig).
  • Solid metal construction provides clean ability for CIP/SIP applications.
  • Improved flow characteristic upon opening results in a lower KR certified flow resistance value: KRG (gas) = 0.29; KRL (liquid) = 0.32.
  • ZERO manufacturing range as standard.
  • Optional manufacturing ranges of -5% or -10% are available.
  • Manufactured to provide a safety ratio of 1.5-to-1 or less; if the rupture disc becomes damaged, it will relieve at or below 1.5 times the rated burst pressure.

The superior design of the SANITRX LP Rupture Disc maintains many of the benefits inherent with the original sanitary design reverse acting rupture discs:

  • Operation to 90% of rated burst pressure, for rated burst pressures 2.76 barg (40 psig) and above; for rated burst pressures below 2.76 barg, the recommended operating pressure is 90% of the value of the rated (marked) burst pressure minus the burst tolerance (i.e., [marked rating minus the 0.137 psig burst tolerance] x 0.90).
  • Capable of withstanding pulsating service (0 to 90% operating pressure), full vacuum to 90% operating pressure.
  • Precision semicircular scoring (outside of the rupture disc dome) helps to assure the rupture disc dome will not fragment.
  • Permanently attached Three-Dimensional Flow Direction Tag, allowing immediate visual verification of proper rupture disc orientation within the piping system.
  • Suitable for gas service
  • Available with the B.D.I. (Burst Disc Indicator) Alarm System to remotely signal when the rupture disc has burst.

The SANITRX LP Rupture Disc is available for special applications and new designs.

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