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Multi-channel sludge blanket monitor

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article image Simultaneously monitor three processes.

DREXELBROOK's multi-channel sludge blanket level monitor, provides the benefits of continuous and consistent sludge blanket monitoring with alarm functions.

Available from Measurement Solutions , it provides continuous, repeatable readings that are critical to the efficient operations of clarifiers, thickeners, and settling vessels.

It minimises error due to operator interpretation and also eliminates issues associated with manual core sampling.

The CCS4000 simultaneously monitors three process variables:

* Sludge level - Compacted sludge tracking ensures that only dense sludge is withdrawn, which optimises pumping and disposal costs.

* Rag layer - Knowing the rag layer thickness provides additional information that helps assess the vessels settling characteristics.

* Clarity loss - Clarity loss measurement provides an early warning of a potential blanket breakup and/or vessel upset.

Each of the four channels is provided with two 4-20mA dc outputs and two SPDT relays that can be used to fully automate constant or variable speed sludge withdrawal pumps. These outputs can also be used to automatically pace a chemical addition process.

CCS4000 is easy to install and configure. It arrives pre-configured, so all that is needed is enter the vessel depth. All other system parameters can be easily changed through convenient keypad entry.

The monitor is suitable for circular or rectangular clarifiers and thickeners.

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