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MINTRX Rupture Discs available from Measurement Solutions

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A MINTRX Rupture Disc, available from Measurement Solutions , is a low pressure, scored reverse acting rupture disc. It is a non-reclosing differential pressure relief device that provides instantaneous full opening for protection of equipment, vessels, and systems from overpressure conditions. The MINTRX Rupture Disc is available in nominal sizes ranging from 1" to 8" (25mm to 200mm).

Following are the features of the MINTRX Rupture Disc:

  • Excellent for isolating pressure relief valves
  • Operation to 90% of burst rating
  • Designed to withstand full vacuum
  • Semicircular scored design (no knife blades)
  • Non-fragmenting design
  • Manufacturing techniques allow the use of a wide choice of thicker materials for greater resistance to corrosion
  • Excels in gaseous or partial gas/liquid service
  • Safety ratio of 1.5 or less
  • Unique holder design for proper rupture disc assembly
  • Zero manufacturing range as a standard
  • Encapsulating rings provide perfect alignment and minimise seal load sensitivity
  • Opening/flow characteristics - uniform petal opening
  • Three-dimensional flow tag permanently attached for visual reference of proper rupture disc orientation
  • Available with Continental's patented Universal type B.D.I. Alarm System

The MINTRX Rupture Disc is a unique reverse acting rupture disc, which responds in milliseconds to overpressure conditions. When the patented precision controlled indentation on the rupture disc surface initiates the reversal action, full opening will occur.

As a standard, the MINTRX Rupture Disc is designed with a zero manufacturing range. This enables the system to operate up to 90% of the specified rupture disc burst pressure. Each rupture disc is proof pressure tested to 90% of the specified rating prior to shipment.

  • Encapsulating rings prevent over-torquing from affecting the burst accuracy of the MINTRX Rupture Disc.
  • Encapsulating rings hold the rupture disc in the proper position.
  • Rings prevent disc slippage when insufficient bolt load is applied to the companion flanges.
  • Rings provide a superior metal-to-metal seal surface.

The MINTRX Rupture Disc is designed to withstand full vacuum without affecting the burst pressure setting or reliability. No additional components, such as a vacuum support, are required.

The MINTRX Rupture Disc is superior for use in a corrosive media environment. Versatile material selection and use of thicker materials contribute to the corrosive resistance. A Teflon liner may be used on the process side of the MINTRX Rupture Disc for additional corrosion protection.

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