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The STAR X Rupture Disc, one of Continental Disc Corporation's unique scored reverse acting rupture discs for protecting equipment, vessels and systems from potentially damaging overpressure, has been improved.

STAR X is now available from Measurement Solutions in lower burst pressures with a wider choice of materials from which to choose. This reverse acting rupture disc is ideal for primary and/or secondary system relief protection or, when used to isolate a safety relief valve, provides an effective means of fugitive emission control.

Additional system protection applications include installation in transfer piping, chemical reactors, pressure vessels, storage vessels, and heat exchangers. The STAR X rupture disc is a solid metal rupture disc incorporating a handling ring to reduce torque sensitivity.

This rupture disc is specifically designed for low pressure applications that require an operating ratio of up to 90% of the disc's rated burst pressure. Every STAR X rupture disc is proof pressure tested to 90% prior to shipment.

Following are the features of STAR X rupture discs:

  • Operation to 90% of rated burst pressure for burst pressures 40 psig and above. Below 40 psig, operation is to 90% of the lower portion of the burst tolerance range.
  • A safety ratio of 1.5 or less – designed so a damaged rupture disc will provide pressure relief at or less than 1.5 times the rated burst pressure of the rupture disc.
  • Inherent with most reverse acting type of rupture discs on the market, the STAR X will operate in pressure-to-full-vacuum cycling without an additional vacuum support component compared to tension type rupture discs.
  • Capable of operating in gas or vapour service (consult factory regarding liquid service application)
  • A ZERO manufacturing range as standard with an optional -5% or -10% manufacturing range available
  • A three-dimensional flow direction tag permanently attached allowing immediate visual verification of proper rupture disc orientation.
Following are the manufacturing techniques that combine CDC patented nonsymmetrical failure initiating indents:
  • to precisely control disc buckling at a predetermined pressure
  • to weaken thicker materials to achieve low reversal pressures. In addition, the use of thicker materials provide a disc which is sturdier and less susceptible to corrosion.
  • to initiate failure of the rupture disc dome
  • to assure thicker material will properly collapse for a full opening along the score line

Precision Semicircular Scoring, which is outside of the rupture disc dome, assures the rupture disc dome will not fragment.

Arcuate Projection located in the holder outlet, aligning with the tab region in the rupture disc. When reversal occurs, the rupture disc dome curves around the arcuate to help eliminate fragmentation and provide an unrestricted flow.

Available with the patented Continental BDI (Burst Disc Indicator) alarm system that installs directly between the holder outlet and the companion flange.

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