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CLEAN-SWEEP Rupture Disc Assembly available from Measurement Solutions

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The CLEAN-SWEEP Rupture Disc Assembly, available from Measurement Solutions , provides overpressure relief protection for viscous media processes, particularly where product build-up in a piping system may cause excessive overpressure conditions.

For many years, pipe tees were used in process lines with the rupture disc assembly installed off the leg of the tee. However, viscous product build-up could affect the proper operation and accuracy of the rupture disc.

Continental Disc Corporation developed the Clean-sweep Rupture Disc Assembly to eliminate the dead space of a pipe tee assembly, as well as the pressure, temperature and material availability limitations caused by older, diaphragm valve body-based designs.

The new CLEAN-SWEEP Rupture Disc Assembly offers significant design improvements over previous designs. The body casting of the CLEAN-SWEEP Rupture Disc Assembly is specifically designed for a rupture disc.

The CLEAN-SWEEP Rupture Disc Assembly permits the rupture disc to be installed directly on the body casting, adjacent to the process flow. Compared to other designs, it requires fewer joints to be sealed and significantly reduces the possibility of product build-up (dead space) under the rupture disc.

Designed for operating pressures up to 99,3 barg (1440 psig), the CLEAN-SWEEP Rupture Disc Assembly is custom machined to bolting classes of ANSI, DIN, JIS or as specified by the customer. Alignment pins in the assembly inlet provide correct rupture disc orientation during installation. Once installed, the 3-Dimensional Flow Direction Tag, which is permanently attached to the rupture disc, is a visual reference that the rupture disc will discharge in the intended flow direction.

The CLEAN-SWEEP Rupture Disc Assembly body is available in standard materials of 316 Stainless Steel, Monel or Hastelloy C. The rupture disc holder outlet and outlet companion flange are available in materials of Carbon Steel, Monel, Inconel, Nickel, 316 Stainless Steel or Hastelloy C.

A permanently attached nameplate with flow direction indication is supplied on the CLEAN-SWEEP Rupture Disc Assembly. Whenever specific identification tagging is required, a stainless steel customer identification tag is permanently attached at no extra charge.

There are two CLEAN-SWEEP rupture disc assemblies to choose from:


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