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Blocked Chute detection switch from Measurement Solutions

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Blocked Chute detection switch:


Detects the presence of plugged material in chutes.     


Since they are flush mounted through a chute wall, nothing protrudes into the chute to interfere with or to obstruct material flow.

Downtime is expensive and so is the clean up of process spills.

Reliable detection of plugged chutes will keep your plant running smoothly and virtually eliminate spills that occur because of plugged conditions.

Drexelbrook’s Flush-Mounted Sensors reliably detect presence or absence of material flowing through chutes.
If process material stops flowing due to a plugged condition, the system will alarm, allowing further action to occur (alerting an operator, shutting down a conveyor belt, etc.).

Rugged sensor design

Makes these systems ideal for coal (pulveriser and transfer chutes), wood chips, ores and powders.

Blocked Chute detection switch is available from Measurement Solutions .

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