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Measurement Resources introduces new 3DLevelScanner

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The 3DLevelScanner from Measurement Resources is designed specifically to overcome continuous measurement challenges in the solids industry. The scanner provides ideal accuracy of level measurements of any kind of material stored in any type or size container.

While radar has become widely accepted as the standard measuring technology for reliable measurement of liquids, continuous measurement of solids presents problems not easily solved by such non-contact approaches.

Dust, filling noise, mechanical loads, irregularities of the surface, materials that randomly form on the sides of the silos, and difficult installation conditions, often cause unreliable measurements or even complete blackout of the measurement.

With the new 3DLevelScanner sensor for bulk solids, these weaknesses and inadequacies can be eliminated.

The 3DLevelScanner provides an innovative measurement method that takes the guesswork out of measuring the level, volume and mass of materials inside a silo or open bin by generating 3D maps of the contents.

How it works:

The 3DLevelScanner employs a 2-dimensional array beam-former to transmit low frequency pulses and to receive echoes of the pulses from the contents of the silo, bin or other container.

The device's digital signal processor samples and analyses the received signals.

From the estimated times of arrival and directions of received echoes, using APM's unique patented technology the processor generates a 3-dimensional image of the surface that can be displayed on a remote screen.

This 3DLevelScanner can then accurately determine the volume and mass of material.

3D mapping of the surface area:

APM’s proprietary technology makes the vision of 3D level measurement a reality, addressing difficult applications such as detecting and presenting solid formation on the sides of silos in the cement and plastic industry.

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