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Magnetic float level switch from Measurement Resources

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Measurement Resources  provide a versatile range of top or side switch installation, vertical float level switches offering 1, 2 or 3 switch actions per unit. The float level switch is designed for alarm and control applications in water, oils and chemical storage tanks and process vessels using the proven magnet and reed switch technology.

A permanent magnet is contained within the float which, being bouyant, moves up and down with liquid level change. Total float travel is restricted by stops to ensure positive magnetic linkage with the reed switch. Hermetically sealed reed switch contacts within the stem change over as the float passes. Switch operation is therefore a direct reading of liquid level eliminating electronic and mechanical transmission or calibration errors found in other systems.

Typical applications for the magnetic float level switch are high and or low alarm and pump control. Materials in contact with the liquid and vapours include stainless steel, or polyophylene methylene floats. Stainless steel stems with top of tank terminal enclosure in aluminium.

Stainless steel flange or screwed connections making for compatibility with most liquids. All float level switch series switches are manufactured in Measurement Resources’ Sydney factory, where they have the expertise and facilities to build standard and non-standard units all within a tight QA/QC environment.

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