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The APT3100 smart pressure transmitter available from Measurement Resources is a micro processor-based performance transmitter, which has flexible pressure calibration and output, automatic compensation of ambient temperature and process variable, configuration of various parameters, communication with HART protocol. The application for the pressure transmitter is various, as measuring pressure, flow and level by application method. All data of sensor is to be input, modified and stored in EEPROM.

Functions of the APT3100 pressure transmitter include:

  • Flexible sensor input: DP, GP, AP, vacuum
  • Various output: 4 ~ 20mA , digital signals
  • Setting various parameters: zero/span, trim, unit, fail-mode
  • Self diagnostic function: sensor, memory A/D converter, power
  • Digital communication with HART protocol
  • Explosion-proof approval and intrinsic safety approval: KOSHA, KTL, CSA, FM, ATEX

Features of the APT3100 pressure transmitter are:

  • Better performance
  • High reference accuracy: ±0.075% of calibrated span
  • Long-term stability
  • High rangeability (100:1)
  • Flexibility
  • Data configuration with HART configurator
  • Zero point adjustment
  • Reliability
  • Continuous self-diagnostic function
  • Automatic ambient temperature compensation
  • Fail-mode process function
  • EEPROM write protection
  • CE EMC conformity standards (EN50081-2, EN50082-2)

Description of APT3100 pressure transmitter:

Electronics module: The Electronics module consists of a circuit board sealed in an enclosure. There are a MCU module, a power module, an analogue module, a LCD module and a terminal module in a transmitter. The MCU module acquires the digital value from the analogue module and can apply correction coefficients selected from EEPROM.

The output section of the power module converts the digital signal to a 4 ~20 mA output. The MCU module communicates with the HART-based configurator or control systems such as DCS. The power module has a DC-to-DC Power conversion circuit and an Input/output isolation circuit. An optional LCD module plugs into the MCU module and displays the digital output in user-configured unit

Sensor inputs: The model APT3100-D, G, H is available in a differential pressure sensor of a capacitance type. The capacitance pressure sensor measures differential and gauge pressure and is commonly used in flow and level applications. Both sides in the capacitance sensor transmit process pressure from the process isolators to the sensor.

The model APT3100-A is available in an absolute pressure sensor of a piezo-resistive type and measures absolute pressure. The sensor module converts the capacitance or the resistance to the digital value. The MCU module calculates the process pressure based on the digital value.

The sensor modules include the following features:

  • 0.075% accuracy
  • The software of the transmitter compensates for the thermal effects, improving performance
  • Precise input compensation during operation is achieved with temperature and pressure correction coefficients that are characterised over the range the transmitter and stored in the sensor module EEPROM memory
  • EEPROM stores sensor information and correction coefficients separately from MCU module, allowing for easy repair, reconfiguration and replacement

Basic Setup of the ATP3100 pressure transmitter can be easily configured from any host that support the HART protocol.

  • Operational Parameters 4~20mA
  • Points (Zero/Span)
  • Engineering Units
  • Damping Time: 0.25 ~ 60 sec
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