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200A Series submersible hydrostatic electronic liquid level transmitter from Measurement Resources

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article image The 200A Series submersible hydrostatic electronic liquid level transmitter

The 200A Series electronic transmitter measures the liquid level directly by the hydrostatic head pressure principle. This level transmitter is not subject to the inherent limitations and errors of buoyancy, capacitance change, or reflecting type sensors when applied to foaming, vapourising or turbulent liquids.

Hydrostatic head sensors are also ideally suited to marine and vehicular duties, where the tank is subjected to pitching and rolling.

The 200A Series electronic transmitter is based on the well proven Linear Variable Differential Transformer (L.V.D.T.) produced in volume over several years by Measurement Resources .

Improved assembly techniques use advanced electron beam fusion welding and temperature aging to ensure long term stability.

The hydrostatic liquid level transmitter also incorporates features such as:

  • Use of a flush Hastelloy diaphragm
  • Cable outer sheath in Teflon
  • Improved temperature coefficient over a wider range
  • Meets International requirements for RFI/EMI and surge immunity
  • Reduced sensor mass
  • Optional integral digital indicator
  • Wider choice of process connections
Providing easier installation, improved performance, greater compatibility with corrosive, viscous and sanitary processes over a wider process and ambient temperature, greater surge and lightning immunity are various other features of the transmitter.

The 200A Series level transmitter uses split architecture with a sensor in contact with the liquid and an interconnecting cable to the transmitter which encloses all active electronics. This arrangement improves stability and accuracy by removing the electronics from the process liquid and process temperature. Presenting span, zero and sensor adjustment in an accessible convenient form assisting commissioning and any through life calibration or

The level sensor can be screwed or flanged to the process tank or vessel, or alternatively submerged within the liquid.

The transmitter produces an industry standard two wire 4 to 20mA 24V dc output suitable for use with propriety systems or conventional monitors.

The specifications of the transmitter include:

Accuracy - ±0.25% of full range output; includes effects of linearity hysteresis and repeatability (Optional 0.1% some models)
Overload - 500% of nominal range (+150°C)
Transmitter- 10 to +55°C (Optional 60°C)
Temperature Coefficient- ±0.05%/°C range and zero (Optional ±0.02%/°C)
Weatherproof Protection- Transmitter IP65
Sensor - Submersible
Span Adjustment- 0 to 30% to 0 to 100% of nominal range
Zero Adjustment- ±10% of span

Power Supply- 12 to 30 Volts DC loop powered
Output- 2 wire 4 to 20mA DC

Maximum Load:
Supply voltage- 10 = OHMS

Sensor- Stainless steel 316L body, Hastelloy C376 diaphragm (Nylon protection end cap on IS sensor installation)
(Optional Monel 400 diaphragm or all inconel construction) Support pole and flanges stainless steel

Cable- Teflon sheathed screened integral vent
Transmitter- GRP internal screen and breather

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