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Rent the new Promax TV Explorer II+ TV and Satellite Level Meters from Measurement Rentals

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Measurement Rentals  has added the Promax TV Explorer II+ automatic TV and satellite level meters to their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.  

The TV Explorer range is a line of field strength meters in a compact, lightweight and user-friendly design. The test equipment measures and decodes the signal under test at the press of a single key.  

The new TV Explorer II+ TV and satellite automatic level meters are designed primarily for terrestrial, satellite, cable and mobile TV testing applications. Functions include spectrum analysis, measurements and signal decoding.  

Built with innovative features, the instrument comes with an impressive 6.5" screen with 16:9 panoramic format and transflective technology.  

The TV Explorer II+ level meters allow measuring of high definition satellite DVB-S2 signals and DVB-H for mobile TV broadcasting.  

In addition to covering the cable TV return path, the level meters can display the constellation diagram for DVB-T/H/C/S/S2.  

TV Explorer II+ also allows automatic measurements through the datalogger function with a massive 1 GB internal memory. Additionally, it allows access to encrypted channels by means of the patented Common Interface.  

Key features: 

  • Terrestrial, satellite, cable and mobile TV testing
  • Spectrum analysers, measurement instruments and signal decoders
  • Simultaneous display of all measurements: Level, Video/Audio, Power, C/N, Channel Identification, MER, CBER, VBER, Noise Margin, MER by carrier
  • Tuning by channel or frequency (IF or direct in satellite)
  • Automatic signal identification
  • Auto reference level adjustment
  • Constellation diagram: DVB-T/ DVB-H/ DVB-C/ DVB-S/ DVB-S2
  • Satellite IF test

Measurement Rentals also offers AC power analysers, DC power supplies, RF power meters, RF spectrum analysers, RF network analysers, digital oscilloscopes, data acquisition systems, telecommunications and data communications test equipment, fibre test equipment, audio and acoustic measurement systems as well as a wide range of specialist test and measurement equipment for immediate hire across Australia.  

Measurement Rentals provides:

  • Online web pricing
  • Daily, weekly and discounted monthly rates
  • Expert advice
  • Modern equipment from leading brands

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