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Rent the new Agilent 4GHz FieldFox N9912A RF Analysers from Measurement Rentals

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Measurement Rentals  introduces the 4GHz version of the Agilent FieldFox N9912A RF analysers to their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.  

The Agilent FieldFox is a line of handheld, high performance, integrated spectrum/ network/ cable analysers designed for RF installation and maintenance.  

Available in 4GHz and 6GHz models, the Agilent FieldFox RF analysers are suitable for cable/antenna analysis, spectrum analysis, optional power meter measurements and vector network analysis.  

Housed in a rugged, compact, lightweight and weather-resistant package, both the 4GHz and 6GHz FieldFox analysers are available for immediate hire from Measurement Rentals.  

The Agilent FieldFox RF analysers also feature a built-in directional bridge and automated ‘quick cal’ capability to significantly simplify the measurement of antennas and cables.  

Built-in USB support allows direct storage of spectrum traces to a USB memory stick, making it ideal for field operations and interference measurements.  

Specifications Summary: 

  • Cable and Antenna Analysers: 2MHz to 4GHz
  • Network Analysers: 2MHz to 4GHz, S11 magnitude and phase, S21 magnitude
  • Spectrum Analysers: 100kHz to 4GHz, DANL: -148 dBm, TOI: +18 dBm
  • Power Meters: 9kHz to 24GHz with optional U2002 Series USB power sensor

Measurement Rentals offers AC power analysers, DC power supplies, RF power meters, RF spectrum analysers, RF network analysers, digital oscilloscopes (CRO), data acquisition, telecommunications and data communications test equipment, fibre test equipment, audio and acoustic measurement as well as antennas as part of a wide range of specialist test and measurement equipment available for immediate hire, Australia-wide.

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