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Rent the Agilent N5183A MXG Microwave Signal Generators from Measurement Rentals

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Measurement Rentals  introduces the Agilent N5767A 20GHz microwave signal generators to their extensive test and measurement rental fleet.  

The Agilent N5183A microwave signal generators are a range of full-performance microwave synthesisers designed to generate precise microwave signals over a wide frequency range.  

Covering a wide frequency range of 100kHz to 20GHz, these microwave signal generators feature built-in AM/FM/PM modulation as well as narrow pulse modulation especially suited for radar receiver testing applications.

Key features of Agilent N5183A microwave signal generators: 

  • Frequency range: 100kHz to 20GHz
  • Output: -90dBm to +11dBm; APC-3.5(m), SMA-compatible
  • Amplitude resolution: 0.01dB
  • Frequency resolution: 0.01Hz
  • SSB phase noise (20kHz offset): -128dBc/Hz to -92dBc/Hz
  • Harmonics: -60dBc (typical)
  • Phase offset: 0.01 degree increments
  • Aging Rate: < 1ppm/year
  • Temperature: 1ppm (0ºC - 55ºC)
  • Modulation: AM/FM/DCFM/PM/Narrow pulse
  • Narrow Pulse modulation: >20ns width; <5MHz (ALC off)
  • Internal modulation source: Sinewave; 100mHz to 2MHz

Measurement Rentals also offers AC power analysers, DC power supplies, RF power meters, RF spectrum analysers, RF network analysers, digital oscilloscopes, data acquisition systems, telecommunications and data communications test equipment, fibre test equipment, audio and acoustic measurement systems as well as a wide range of specialist test and measurement equipment for immediate hire across Australia.  

Measurement Rentals provides:

  • Online web pricing
  • Daily, weekly and discounted monthly rates
  • Expert advice
  • Modern equipment from leading brands

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