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The LANEXPERT Network Analysers from Measurement Rentals are an essential tool for installing, monitoring, maintaining, upgrading or troubleshooting any network. They also also provide comprehensive RFC 2544 traffic generation and analysis.

The LANEXPERT is ideal for testing all types of ethernet networks, but the built-in RFC 2544 tests are especially suited to VOIP and RTP protocols over links where network loading and latency are critical factors that affect reliable network performance.

The LANEXPERT LE80 (copper) and LE85 (copper, MM fibre, SM fibre including 1000baseLX) can generate up to 100% traffic loading with control of packet rate and size to demonstrate network performance at various traffic levels. The built in traffic generator and comprehensive analyser generates traffic and measures performance metrics in accordance with RFC 2544.
With the ability to conducted using the two independent ports on a single unit, or with a second unit located remotely at the other end of your network, the RFC 2544 stress tests can be provide true end-to-end throughput and stress testing of your network. The RFC 2544 tests can also be performed over copper or fibre networks.

Features of the LANEXPERT Network Analysers include:

  • Dual ports (RJ45 10/100/1000 copper; LC fibre connectors for MM and SM)
  • Complete Inline Packet Inspection
  • Identify Traffic Protocols with Amount and Percentage Breakdowns
  • Capture Up to 10,000 Packets for Analysis or Download to a PC
  • Comprehensive Data Filtering to Quickly Identify Problems
  • Qualify Network Segments with an RFC 2544 Stress Test Prior to Activating
  • Process VoIP Traffic to Determine Call Statistics and Quality
  • IPv6 Detection Capabilities
  • One or Two Port Traffic Generation with Selectable Frame Size and Bandwidth Percentage
  • Automatically Identify Standard Link, Frame, and Traffic Problems
  • Identify Connected Network Devices by Type, IP Address or MAC Address
  • Single or Dual Port Loopback Test Capability

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