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Agilent N9917A FieldFox microwave analysers available for hire from Measurement Rentals

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Measurement Rentals  presents the new Agilent N9917A FieldFox, an 18 GHz high performance, integrated handheld RF and microwave spectrum analyser, vector network analyser, and cable and antenna analyser for RF installation and maintenance.
Supplied in a battery powered, rugged, compact, lightweight and weather-resistant package, the Agilent N9917A FieldFox is capable of cable and antenna testing, spectrum analysis, microwave power meter measurements and vector network analysis.
The vector network analyser provides benchtop VNA performance in a portable package, measuring all four S-parameters with full 12-term vector error correction. Built-in CalReady and QuickCal features provide ultrafast calibration without the need for a calibration kit. Full SOLT calibration is also available using a mechanical calibration kit (included).
The spectrum analyser provides unrivalled performance from VLF to satellite frequencies with excellent TOI and sensitivity (DANL), combined with low phase noise and low spurious. The Cable and Antenna Tester (CAT) provides simple measurements of antenna return loss and VSWR, combined with an accurate distance-to-fault measurement. It even measures single-port cable loss, ideal when testing cables that are already installed on a mast.
The built-in CW signal generator with variable amplitude can be used at the same time as the spectrum analyser.

Key features of Agilent N9917A FieldFox microwave analysers:

  • Cable and Antenna Analyser: 30 kHz to 18 GHz
  • Vector Network Analyser: 30 kHz to 18 GHz; S11, S21, S12, S22, magnitude, phase, group delay, impedance, Smith chart etc.
  • 0 to 31 V variable-voltage DC source for bias Tees, LNBs, LNAs etc.
  • Spectrum Analyser: 100 kHz to 6 GHz
  • Power measurements: 100 kHz to 18 GHz (built-in; no power sensor required)
  • Internal GPS receiver and external GPS antenna
Measurement Rentals offers a wide range of test and measurement equipment at daily, weekly and discounted monthly rates.

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