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Agilent N9344C Microwave Spectrum Analysers from Measurement Rentals

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The Agilent N9344C high performance general purpose microwave spectrum analysers available from Measurement Rentals find use in RF site survey and spectrum logging applications.  

Agilent’s new N9344C microwave spectrum analysers record and store the RF spectrum traces directly to their internal memory, making them ideal for RSSI recording, drive test, interference logging and unattended RF security surveillance.  

Agilent’s N9344C microwave spectrum analysers store the amplitude and frequency values for each data point in addition to the time and date of each trace as well as GPS position information with the internal GPS receiver (using either the internal or external GPS antenna).  

Since the entire logging process is performed within the instrument, no external PC is required. The saved trace data can be played back, paused and analysed directly on the N9344C’s bright colour TFT screen, and copied as a CSV file onto a USB memory stick for further analysis.  

Unattended logging is also supported in the spectrum analysers with the operator allowed to set a timed delay between sweeps, or even set a Start Date/Time and Stop Date/Time to enable the analyser to start and stop recording at specified times.  

The N9344C can be powered from its internal battery for up to 4 hours, or indefinitely using the supplied 12V cigarette lighter adapter lead (for mobile use) or supplied mains charger/adapter.

Key features of Agilent’s N9344C microwave spectrum analysers: 

  • 1 MHz to 20 GHz (tuneable to 9 kHz)
  • Internal preamplifier up to 20 GHz
  • Built-in GPS receiver and GPS antenna
  • External GPS antenna and cable
  • -144 dBm typical displayed average noise level (DANL)
  • ±0.6 dBm typical amplitude accuracy
  • +15 dBm typical third order intercept (TOI)
  • < 0.9 s sweep time for 20 GHz full span

Measurement Rentals also offers a range of antennas for use with the N9344C spectrum analysers.

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