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High-speed CMOS PCI camera

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THE MotionPro high-speed CMOS PCI camera from Redlake MASD combines an advanced high speed, mega-pixel resolution CMOS camera with the features needed for meaningful high-speed motion analysis on a PC.

Designed as a peripheral for capturing high-speed digital images directly into the PC, the MotionPro system consists of a high-speed camera, full sized single-slot PCI camera control and frame storage board (with up to 6GB onboard memory), user interface and easy to use analysis software.

Available from Measurement & Analysis Camera Systems , up to four MotionPro systems can be operated on a single PC, providing multiple synchronous views of a high-speed event.

Video capture using MotionPro cameras may be initiated via software or a wide variety of external triggers including optical, acoustic, electrical, and motion-controlled devices, as well as simple handheld switches.

Flexible recording options offer several recording modes allowing the user to either use the memory as a circular buffer into which specified numbers of pre- and post-trigger frames may be recorded, or to divide the memory into a segmented buffer for multiple session operation.

Motion analysis software completes the system functionality with many useful features including angular, linear, velocity and rotational measurements as well as tracking multiple points over multiple frames.

MotionPro also has a lens calculator tool that computes lens selection, depth of field, magnification factor and motion blur for any setup.

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