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Pressure transmitters designed for tough environments

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MeasureX has released new flexible diaphragm pressure transmitters designed for rough environments in a range of applications.

The MeasureX MRB 20, with the SS316L diaphragm, is a silicon technology based pressure transmitter suitable for tough environments.

The compact design allows for great flexibility and is very reliable for a vast range of applications.

The MRB20 prides itself on its high accuracy, providing accurate figures for the applications including production machinery; hydrology research; data logging; machine tool control; air conditioning; agricultural equipment; open cut mining; hydrostatic level control; hydraulic pumps; compressed air line

The MRB20 is available in pressure ranges from -1 to 600 bar with outputs available in either mA or Voltage.

The pressure transmitter is suitable for pressure measurement of gases and liquids compatible with the SS316L.

The standard Precision is 0.5% F.S., however, options for precisions of0.25% F.S. and 0.1% F.S. are available at the customers’ request.

The MRB20 ha slow static and thermal errors, increasing the accuracy of the design.

It also is protected from reverse polarity and transient current allowing the device tosurvive over extended periods of time.

The device requires a supply voltage between 12 and 36 VDC and outputs in either 4/20mA, 0/5V, 0/10V or 1/5V.

The intricate and careful construction of the MRB20 aims to increase the accuracy and longevity of the pressure transmitter whilst remaining at a highly competitive price. 

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