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Dendrometers are precision instruments which are used to measure the growth of trees with changing environmental conditions. Various insights into short term and long term tree growth patterns and physiology can be obtained using these high-resolution dendrometers.

Growth rings, seen as light and dark rings over the cross section of a tree trunk, are indicative of seasonal variation. Research scientists study these growth patterns in detail with a view to establishing relationships between climate, water uptake, timber quality and growth rate over a long period of time. This kind of data is useful for irrigation scheduling, assessing site quality, and developing models of the main drivers of tree growth in short and long periods of time. Dendrometer is a perfect and reliable instrument to provide this range of information for research activities across the globe.

MDD10 is based on non-contact LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformers) technology, provides highest level of stability in a long term application:
  • Long-Term/ Short-Term Tree Growth
  • Irrigation Scheduling
  • Assessment of Stem Daily Water Status
  • Wood Property Analysis
  • Growth Responses to Changing Environmental Conditions
  • Forest Management Practices
LVDT Dendrometers, compared to other technologies is more robust, unaffected by rain or dust and has better resolution:
  • High Accuracy and Sub-Micron Resolution
  • Based on Non-Contact LVDT Technology
  • Suitable for Wide Range of Applications
  • Interchangeable by Provided Scale Factor
  • Robust and Easy to Use
  • Low Temperature Coefficient
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