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Triple level thermal disinfection indicators from Measure-Tech Australia

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Now available from Measure-Tech Australia , the TMC developed and independently tested triple level thermal disinfection indicator is able to withstand the extreme conditions within an industrial dishwasher.

Thermal disinfection indicator's cause an irreversible colour change from white/grey to black when standard dish washer (65°C), thermal/chemical disinfection (71ºC) or thermal disinfection (82°C) temperatures have been reached.

These thermal disinfection indicators are inexpensive and easy to use, and are accurate to ±1°C of the rated temperature.

They give a permanent record of thermal disinfection temperatures achieved within industrial dishwashers and form part of HACCP procedures for evidence of due diligence.
A hospital in the United Kingdom demonstrated the use of these thermal labels, when two days after a routine three-monthly maintenance check it was shown that a water heater was only capable of heating to 40ºC.

Manufactured from non-toxic, white crystalline melt material, coated on a black absorbent backing, the colour change material is then covered with a 50 μm polyester film and backed with a clear polyester carrier adhesive.

Measuring just 25mm x 35mm, thermal disinfection indicators are very simply applied by peeling the label from the backing paper and suck to a clean, dry surface, ideally a plate or stainless steel surface in the middle of the dishwasher rack. It is important to ensure the entire thermal disinfection indicator is in contact with the surface. The indicator should be removed whilst surface is still warm.
These thermal disinfection indicators have a shelf life of 12 months from invoice date when stored at room temperature and humidity (i.e. 21°C and 50% relative humidity).

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