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Measure-Tech Australia provides test and tagging equipment

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Measure-Tech Australia provide a wide range of quality test and tagging equipment, as well as all the ancillary supplies such as Test Tags, Asset Tags and Manual Logbooks.  Products offered Measure-Tech Australia include:

The Cotronics range of high temperature ceramic and adhesives:

  • A reliable source of high temperature materials specially formulated to meet the demanding specifications of today's technology, including such brands as Duralco, Resbond, Rescor, and Thermeez 
The Safe-t-check Portable Appliance Tester
  • This appliance tester is fast
  • Simple and thorough portable appliance tester
  • The appliance tester is complete with a data logger as standard, enabling the operator to test appliances and record results with the press of a button.
  • This is a low-cost, hand-held alternative PAT tester featuring Leakage Current Tests (Run Tests)
  • LED's for indication of pass or fail
  • Measured values on a large LCD
  • Continuity warning on the tester to ensure the appliance is turned on
The Zebra tag printer:
  • Offering both label/tag design features and printer configuration tools to enable printing, ZebraDesigner and ZebraDesigner Pro bring new ease of use and power to the desktop
The ASTID (Advisory System for Tired Drivers):
  • This is a system which continually assesses the various factors known to contribute to, or to be indicative of, driver tiredness
  • The assessment of these factors is used to produce visual and audible alarms alerting drivers to the fact that they may be becoming tired before they themselves are aware of it
The PATROL CZ5000 Portable Appliance Tester :
  • Low-cost unit which enables businesses to comply with AS/NZS3760 electrical safety
  • The CZ5000 is battery operated and therefore completely portable and weatherproof

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