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Range of precision instruments available from Measumax

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At a time when there has been a reduction in price of household and workshop items, it seems timely that a company develop a range of precision measuring instruments for industry that will satisfy all areas of the engineering fields in both quality and precision without the expensive price tag.

Being released this year at Austech 2006 is Measumax , the new name in professional measuring instruments that comes with prices that are based on the products value without the margin imposed by some for brand awareness.

The Measumax range is manufactured in the same region where the current, prominent leading brands, have factories, and source components from the same suppliers, as these brands.

The Measumax range makes affordable precision instruments that for a long time have been beyond the reach of all but a few of the large companies.

Measumax has an extensive range of micrometers in both digital, special purpose and standard configuration along with sets that are chosen to be practical.

The Measumax Digit metric micrometer incorporates a digit counter to 3 decimal places, which delivers error free readings. This micrometer complements the Measumax Digital IP54 micrometers and standard micrometers, with choices for all preferences.

All the Measumax micrometers come with carbide lapped measuring faces and have been tested to insure they pass the high standards set by Measumax.

Measumax has taken a sensible approach when looking at developing a range of calipers, both digital and Monoblock verniers.

The Measumax digital IP54 Splash proof electronic calipers feature a patented ceramic capacitive glass scale system, Measumax digital IP54 Splash comes fitted with RS232 direct interface connection for down loading of data, and are perfect for most caliper measuring applications. The large LCD display features error-free reading in either inch or metric mode. The Zero point can be set anywhere along the full scale for comparing.

The Measumax digital protractor allows for both absolute and incremental angles to be measured. The intelligent display remains upright when the protractor is turned upside down for easy reading.

Part of the Measumax range is the digital range of small bore and external calipers designed to measure small bores, internal recesses, circlip grooves, and groves. The digital dial allows for both analog and digital display and can easily be set as a Go/No Go gauge. Where two or more readings need to be taken relative to each other Absolute and Incremental functions are standard.

There are over 80 items in the Measumax range with ongoing development that will see the range increased. The Measumax range also covers dial gauges including digital gauges, special purpose and standard micrometers, verniers, height gauges, gauge blocks, protractors, combination sets and many other items.

Measumax is strictly interested in measuring instruments only and is committed to the development of affordable measuring tools. Measumax has an aim to put a measuring instrument in every tradespersons hand in the world.

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