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Range of engineering plastic products supplied by McNeall Plastic

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McNeall Plastic  is the sole Australian manufacturer of AustLon monomer cast nylon and Austane urethane elastomer. McNeall Plastic designs, manufactures and supplies engineered plastic components such as PVC, bakelite and so on. McNeall Plastic also offers complete designing and engineering services. The complete engineering service provided by McNeall Plastic is a part of its policy of maintaining excellence in Australia.

The AustLon and Austane engineering plastics supplied by McNeall Plastic are high in durability and impact resistance, light weight, quiet during operations, self lubricating, low in tooling costs and so on. McNeall Plastic also provides phenolic cotton cloth (canvas bakelite) which provides good electrical insulation properties. The phenolic cotton cloth (canvas bakelite) supplied by McNeall Plastic absorbs low moistures and so provides good thermal stability.

McNeall Plastic also provides PVC plastic and due to its good chemical resistance properties, it can be used many applications where chemical exposure is of consideration. PVC plastic supplied by McNeall Plastic can be used in tanks, buckets, pipes, ductings, fume cupboards, insulators, valves and various other machine parts. PVC plastic can be easily welded and provides very good resistance against acids.

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