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High-tech engineering elastomer plastic supplied by McNeall Plastic

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McNeall Plastic  is a provider of range of engineering plastic products. Some of the engineering plastic products supplied by McNeall Plastic include Austane, AustLon, PVC, bakelite, polyester and many more. The Austane is a high-tech engineering elastomer manufactured in Australia by McNeall Plastics. Austane has a special combination of physical and chemical properties as well as unsurpassed mechanical properties.

Some of the properties of Austane engineering plastic supplied by McNeall Plastic include exceptional resistance to abrasion and tear propagation, low compression set and extreme resilience in dynamic load applications. There are various grades of hardness which can be manufactured by McNeall Plastic according to specific job requirements. Even the hardest grades supplied by McNeall Plastic have high elongation at break and rebound resilience.

Austane is used as the preferred materials in many industries and is ideal in all application areas which require exceptionally high resistance to wear combined with a high mechanical load-bearing capacity. Austane can be used in a range of industry components which include tyres, castors, material handling wheels, glass rollers, wear plates, shute linings, conveyor rollers, crane buffers, screen printing rollers and so on.

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