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CAD/CAM systems from Mazatec Solutions

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Mazatec Solutions  is a provider of various CAD/CAM systems which include Geopath, PowerCAM and MazaCAM. The PowerCAM CAD/CAM system from Mazatec Solutions is highly helpful in manufacturing industries as it generates tool sheets, runtime and tool motions and at the same time automatically defines tools, cuts with speed and feeds directly from feature data.

PowerCAM can also links SolidWorks, MazaCAM and GeoPath into an even more powerful programming system.

The MazaCAM CAD/CAM system provided by Mazatec Solutions can create CAD drawings right from scratch or even edit existing CAD files. MazaCAM Cad/CAM system consists of various modules like Geopath CAD/CAM, Mazak utilities, Plot Part Shape, Insert Lines, Mazatrol Prompting, Back plot Mazatrol Programs and so on.

Mazatec Solutions also offers two DNC Networking software which include MazaCAM utilities and Ezatrol. The Ezatrol software from Mazatec Solutions is an easy to use and good alternative to DNC program for both Mazak Mazatrol and ISO G-Code machines. Ezatrol is provided with either single port version for laptops and factories with only one machine or an unlimited port version for factories with more than one machine can be connected at any one point of time.

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