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Lock boxes for secure key storage

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article image Includes organised key storage spaces.

IF the definition of safety is keeping people out of dangerous situations, an effective lockout system is crucial.

Master Locks new and improved Latch Tight Group lock boxes are designed to capture keys for effective lockout of large equipment. This product is available locally from Mayo Hardware Pty Ltd .

The Latch Tight Group lock boxes offer a durable and more functional group lock box compared to anything that exists in the market today, according to Mayo.

Latch Tight’s unique locking feature can only release when no padlocks are fastened to the lock box.

Unlike other typical lock boxes, this patent pending design eliminates the potential for gaps that could give access to the enclosed keys.

These lock boxes include organised key storage spaces. A company can save time knowing which key opens which lockout point by labeling each of the inside 12 key holders.

The traditional bulk key storage is also possible through the key slot in the front of the lock box lid.

The lock boxes are designed to either be wall mounted in a central location or carried from job to job with the comfortable form fitted handle.

The devices are suitable for large jobs with lockout points for up to 14 padlocks or hasps. It is available in a choice of colours - safety red or high visibility yellow.

The 2005 Latch Tight lock boxes are just a few of the innovative and improved lockout/tagout products exclusive to the Master Lock Safety Series.

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