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Guard rails, convex mirrors, speed humps and wheel stops from Maxxis Group

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Maxxis Group provides a W beam guardrail that works as a unique roadside safety barrier. This is a cost-effective, durable and strong guardrail.

The convex mirrors provided by Maxxis Group can easily be placed around corners for easy viewing around corners. These convex mirrors are also capable to be placed around blind spots to provide safety to the pedestrians and prevent accidents. These mirrors can be used to guide the way where the view is blocked in driveways, commercial premises and multi level car parks.

Maxxis Group also provides recycled rubber speed humps. These speed humps are manufactured using a strong recycled rubber. These speed humps are given a beautiful modular design that suits various applications.

Maxxis Group’s recycled rubber speed humps are cost effective and environment friendly products. These speed humps can be used to slow the traffic. The speed humps provided by Maxxis Group can absorb the noise completely.

Various wheel stops are also provided by Maxxis Group. These wheel stops are cost effective and can protect the vehicles and buildings against any damages. These wheel stops are unique environment friendly products. Apart from this, various other products are also provided to the customers for their needs of line marking.

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