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The EC 8 Motor from Maxon Motor Australia

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article image The EC 8 Motor from Maxon Motor Australia

Maxon Motor Australia  is the supplier of high precision drive systems as well as customer specific solution. Their EC 8 has high torque of 0.92 mNm in the 5 digit speed range. Therefore, the motor closes the power gap between the EC 6 and the EC 10.

Besides the well-known advantages of an EC motor, durability and high speed range, this motor provides an efficiency of approximately 70%. This is being accomplished by an optimised design of the magnetic return and the use of a quality neodymium magnet.

One of the contributors to the high-quality is the employed laser welding technology for the combination of motor/ gear and shaft/pinion. Thereby, the combination comes as in one single piece.

The intelligent assembly concept perfectly suits manually assembled lots, as well as fully automated high volume production. Orders of 1 to 100'000 pieces can be processed efficiently. The EC 8 motor is suitable in many fields of application such as sampling robots, insulin pumps, portable analysers, collimators, surgical microscopes, dosing systems, meters and numerators and inspection robots.

The EC 8 is a high-torque, compact motor that is built according to the high- quality standards.

Maxon modular system

  • Available are 6 V, 12 V or 24 V windings, with or without Hall sensors.
  • Mounting to the GP 8A.
  • Compatibility with the controllers DEC 24/1, DEC Module 24/2 and DECS 50/5.
  • Currently, no encoder will be available. However, Hall sensor interpretation is possible. With corresponding high gear ratio, this will be sufficient for normal positioning tasks in most cases.


The EC 8 closes the gap between the EC 6 and the EC 10.

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