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The DEC Module 50/5 Amplifier from Maxon Motor

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article image The DEC Module 50/5 Amplifier from Maxon Motor

Maxon Motor Australia  is the supplier of high-precision drive systems across Australia. They present a high-performance OEM version, Digital EC Controller Module 50/5 as additional member of the 1-Q-EC amplifier series.

The DEC Module 50/5 is a digital 1-quadrant amplifier with speed controller for brushless EC motors having hall sensors up to 250 watts.

The miniaturised  cartridge provides the necessary characteristics. It can be integrated seamlessly into complex applications without effort. The customer can focus on developing their own device, while being able to take advantage of maxon motor’s vast drive that comes along with the module. A comprehensive motherboard design guide assists OEMs in their circuit board design as well as a detailed evaluation board for the usage during initial commissioning is also available.

Miniature size, high-performance, protective functions and easy-to-handle integration permit OEMs to have both maximised flexibility and efficiency.

DEC Module 50/5 features and characteristics:

Maximum power in miniature size

  • Large power range along with high-efficiency:

              The wide supply voltage range of 6 – 50 VDC (alternatively 5 VDC) with a continuous output current of 5 A permits flexible and multifunctional operation. The implemented Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) with synchronous rectification minimises dissipation loss, which results in a high-efficiency factor.

  • Flexible operation:

             Featuring a sturdy controller design, the amplifier can be operated either as digital speed controller (closed loop) or as digital speed actuator (open loop).

  • High speed:

             Designed for a maximum motor speed of 80 000 rpm (motor with 1 pole pair, for multiple-pole motors accordingly less).

  • External speed set value:

              Rotation speed can be preset via an external analog voltage (0 to +5 V).

  • Comprehensive control and supervision:

              Inputs and outputs for enabling, three speed ranges, direction of rotation presetting, current limiting, motor speed monitor and operational status.

  • All inclusive protection:

              Protection against overcurrent, undervoltage and overvoltage, thermal overload, blockage and short circuit.

  • Minimal size:

             Consistent miniaturisation resulted in an all-in-one amplifier with high-power density, 250 Watt continuous output power on a total area of only 12 square cm.


(approx. 43x28x13 mm) and weight (approx. 9 g).

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