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Range of DC motors supplied by Maxon Motor Australia

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Maxon Motor Australia  is one of the leading supplier of high precision drive systems which include DC motors, sensors, gears and so on. Maxon Motor Australia has over 40 years of experience in constant innovation and top quality products.

Some of the DC motors provided by Maxon Motor Australia include maxon DC motor, maxon A-max, maxon RE-max and maxon EC motor. The maxon DC motor from Maxon Motor Australia is integrated with moving coil rotor and high performance permanent magnets. Some of the characteristics of maxon DC motor include mechanical commutation (graphite or precious metal brushes), excellent volume/performance ratio, high efficiency, low inductance, no magnetic cogging, high acceleration, low electromagnetic interference, high reliability and so on.

The maxon DC motors from Maxon Motor Australia can be used for space robots, aircraft seats, packaging systems, conveyors, chip mounting systems and so on.

Maxon Motor Australia also provides maxon RE-max DC motors which are based on ironless rotors. The maxon RE-max DC motors delivers more power as they are integrated with neodymium magnets and are best suitable for high-end copiers and printers, shading systems, alignment systems, robotics and soon.

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