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RE 8 DC motor available from Maxon Motor Australia

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Maxon Motor Australia  has introduced RE 8 DC motor, in order to meet the increasing demand for smaller drives across the world.

Only 8 mm in diameter, 16mm long and weighing less than 4gm, RE 8 DC motor is capable of delivering a nominal 0.5 Watt.

The motor shaft is as thin as pencil lead at only 0.8mm in diameter and turns in two sleeve bearings.

The shaft is ceramic and in some ways better than a steel one, as its electrical insulating properties allow for a compact commutator design.

Valuable metal brushes also ensure constant and low contact resistance between brushes and commutator, even after a prolonged standstill. The heart of the motor is the worldwide patented ironless rotor, System maxon.

The lightweight rotor has specific advantages, such as particularly loss mass inertia and fast acceleration. There is no magnetic detent at all and minimal electromagnetic interference.

Maxon Motor Australia's ironless winding is much more efficient than other motor designs, making this drive particularly suitable for network independent applications, such as lasers, levelling equipment or insulin pumps.

Planetary gearheads can be attached for certain applications, where the given motor speed is too high and inertia too low. The modular system can also provide a sensor for detecting speed and position.

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