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Programmable all-in-one positioning controllers from Maxon Motor Australia

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article image Programmable all-in-one positioning controllers

The EPOS2 P 24/5 from Maxon Motor Australia are freely programmable positioning controllers. Applications are programmed to comply with the IEC 61131-3 standard. The controller matches with DC brush motors with encoder or brushless EC motors with Hall sensors and encoder up to 120 watts.

The EPOS2 P 24/5 fits seamlessly into Maxon's existing range of easy to use positioning systems. Featuring all the characteristics of an EPOS2 positioning controller, this new master version also has an in-built processor and memory which permits standalone operation and independent control of up to 127 other devices through the CANopen bus. The controllers boast innovative features and functionalities and ultimately offers more flexibility, all of which are needed for automation tasks, in work equipment manufacturing or tool building, for example.

Editors (ST, IL, FBD, LD, SFC) of the powerful “EPOS Studio” tool are available for programming according to IEC 61131-3. The integrated project browser displays all network resources, allowing optimum management of complex programs with a large number of decentralized controls. Drive systems can be quickly configured and linked using intelligent step-by-step wizards.

With self-compiled programs, the programmable EPOS2 P 24/5 controllers can autonomously control single and multiple axis systems through the CANbus. In addition it is possible to communicate with a superior process management level for supervisoring, controlling and data acquisition through CANopen, USB or RS232.

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