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New GP 16 C planetary gearheads from Maxon Motor with twice the power

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article image GP 16 C planetary gearhead
Maxon Motor Australia  introduces the new GP 16 C planetary gearheads featuring ceramic components and offering twice the power of previous versions.

GP 16 C planetary gearheads have a wide application range extending from precision-engineered devices and battery-operated tools to medical technology and the aeronautics industry.

Featuring a 16mm diameter, the GP 16 C planetary gearheads transmit up to 600 mNm under continuous load and can even achieve close to 1 Nm for short durations. The increased performance at twice the values of the previous version is attributed to the ceramic axes that show almost no signs of wear, while steel axes show a high degree of abrasion. Planetary gearheads with ceramic axes offer significantly higher torques than those with steel axes.

The high-tech, in-house manufactured ceramic components significantly improve the wear characteristics of critical components with the resultant longer life span and doubling of the continuous torque fulfilling the requirements of many customers.

Key features of GP 16 C planetary gearheads:
  • Recommended maximum motor speed increased from 8,000 to 12,000 rpm
  • Available with one to five stages with a total of 20 different reduction ratios from 4.4:1 up to 4592:1
  • Maximum continuous torque is 200 mNm for one-stage version and 600 mNm for five-stage version with short-term torques of 300 mNm and 900 mNm respectively
  • Preloaded ball bearings eliminate axial play for the tempered, rust-free output shaft
  • Improved mounting with six M2 threads on a pitch circle diameter of 13mm
  • Can be combined with seven different Maxon motors
  • Offers a wide range of combinations with multiple motor windings and 20 different reduction ratios
  • Can be equipped with sensor systems (encoders) and various 1- and 4-quadrant controllers as well as positioning controllers for motor control
Key benefits of GP 16 C planetary gearheads:
  • Longer service life
  • Higher continuous torques
  • Higher short-term torques
  • Higher input speeds

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