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Maxon compact drives available from Maxon Motor Australia

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Maxon Motor Australia  unveil Maxon all in one compact drive  that comprises brushless DC motor, feedback device and position controller.

Following are the features of the Maxon compact drive: 

  • Intelligent compact drives with a maximum 60W output 
  • Maxon compact drives that feature controllers, sensors and motors in a modern aluminium casing 
  • Connection according to the CAN open standard
Following are the characteristics of Maxon compact drive: 
  • Combination of Maxon motor products such as brushless Maxon EC motor, digital MR encoder and digital EPOS positioning controller 
  • High power density 
  • Compact design 
  • Maintenance-free system (stand-alone) 
  • Easy start-up procedure (wiring is kept to a minimum) 
  • Easy programming (EPOS Studio software) 
  • CANopen compatible 
  • Matched with maxon planetary gears
Maxon compact drive can be used in applications such as, robotics, semiconductor equipment, weaving machines, imprinting equipment, packaging machines and laboratory equipment.

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