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Maxon Motor commissions its second photovoltaic system

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article image Maxon Motor commissions its second photovoltaic system

Maxon Motor  not only produces exceptionally efficient electro drives, but also undertakes great effort in preserving natural resources and, wherever possible, makes use of renewable energies. Following a first installation at its subsidiary located in Sexau (Germany), an additional photovoltaic system within the maxon group just commenced operation at the headquarters in Sachseln (Switzerland).    

The state-of-the-art photovoltaic system consists of 252 monocrystalline modules of 200 W each with an efficiency of 13.7%. It is rated for a solar peak power output of 50.4 kWp (kilowatt-peak; maximal power output when exposed to defined, standardized solar radiation). It delivers electric energy of approximately 45 000 KWh per year, which corresponds to an average annual power consumption of about ten domestic households. The photovoltaic system is located on one of the flat-roofed factory buildings and measures close to 380 m².    

Integrated into maxon group’s comprehensive concept based on ecologic and environmentally friendly aspects, the installed photovoltaic system perfectly blends into a long range of consequently implemented measures. Thus, for example, heating and air conditioning systems of production facilities and offices feature phreatic water heat exchangers that supply most of the required energy. At the same time, extracted air and process heat is captured with waste heat recovery systems and fed back into the heating/cooling circuit. All these, and a multitude of other little and big efforts are being undertaken to preserve existing energy resources and to burden the environment as little as possible.  

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