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Maxon Motor Australia announces the Multi Axis Motor Control EPOS 2 36/2 Motherboard Range

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Maxon Motor Australia  introduces the new EPOS 2 36/2 motherboard range with multi axis motor controller to facilitate faster and easier product development.  

Complex interpolated position requirements across a diverse range of small DC servo motor and brushless servo motor applications often need custom motherboards to use the already available range of OEM style motion control daughter boards.  

This process is often too expensive and time-consuming for designers who may not have the resources to undertake a complete development.  

The new EPOS 2 36/2 motherboard range makes product development faster and easier, giving the designer either a standalone multi axis motor controller or integrated into a final product development as a sub board.  

The new EPOS 2 36/2 motherboard range from Maxon Motors can be supplied from 1-axis through to 7-axis in a single piece or coupled together via a CAN jumper to extend the motion control system out to 127 nodes.  

The CAN address has an onboard dip switch option to support the software settings. It features a unique snap-apart construction that aids production by loading all the boards on the sheet and allowing the separated parts to be re-used.  

Sub modules are also available for USB connection and CAN termination to assist with production efficiency. There are two size variants that allow for either x2 digital inputs or the full configuration of the EPOS 36/2 digital and analogue inputs and outputs.  

Standard connector types are used to suit the Maxon EC-max brushless DC motors and the Maxon EC-i 40 pancake brushless DC motors.  

Functionalities of the EPOS 2 motor speed, torque and position controller with multi axis motherboard include:

  • Speed and position feed forward control: EPOS supported motion controlled acceleration and speed
  • PVT interpolated position mode: The controller synchronously runs a coordinated multi-axis path dictated by interpolating points
  • Step and direction: Implemented for replacing stepper motors with highly dynamic brushless DC motors
  • Point-to-point motor position control
  • Torque control: Sinusoidal motor control resulting in a minimum torque ripple
  • Homing mode: Mechanical reference points set via 30 possible calculation methods
  • Independent and I/O resultant velocity control
  • Electronic gearing
  • Motor holding brake control
  • Analogue commanding: Standalone capability via external analogue set values
  • Dual loop speed and position control

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