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MILE inductive encoders available from Maxon Motor Australia

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Maxon Motor Australia  have unveiled a micro encoder that is secure against the effects of EMC, dust or oil. It has a configurable index pulse and integrated commutation signals. The micro encoder has a diameter of 6mm.

The general basis of inductive encoders is that the inductance of one or more coils changes in relation to the material used. For example, a semi-circular iron core representing the material measure could be directed to a coil which then changes its inductance. However, there are drawbacks to inductive encoders, such as the temperature dependence of the soft iron/ferrite. External magnetic fields can also change the permeability of the material used, below saturation point.

Generally accurate inductive encoders are ironless. The contrast is generated with eddy currents. These encoders have been featured in large motors, but have not been produced for micromotors. The MILE, a miniaturised inductive encoder features the contrast that is generated with eddy currents. Maxon Motor MILE inductive encoder delivers 64 pulses at up to 120,000 rpm, has 3 channels, line driver and integrated commutation outputs.

The MILE inductive encoder has the following applications:

  • Medical technology
  • Robotics
  • Industrial applications in harsh environments

The MILE inductive encoder is available in combination with the EC6 brushless DC motor, extending the length of the combination by 1mm.

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