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EC 45 4-pole available from Maxon Motor

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Maxon Motor  are adding a 300 watts model to their 4-pole range.

With a continuous torque of over 500mNm at 4000min-1, this new motor can be used without having to mount a gear. Suitable for all-out industrial use, it is fitted in a housing that is 155mm long with a square cross-section of 45mm.

The motor is characterised by the benefits of the ironless winding - System. There is no detent due to the slotless stator, giving it better control characteristics, particularly when in positioning operation. It is much quieter in the upper speed range, as there is less mechanical vibration.

The increase in the motor’s characteristics which define a motor’s output capacity of 0.5 min-1mNm-1 is four times better than a comparable 2-pole version.

A special encoder with a commutation channel is used to signal rotor position. Maxon Motor offer the appropriately sized electronics for controlling purposes, in combination with the EC 45, a highly dynamic drive unit that has a broad range of uses in industrial automation.

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