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EC 10 and 13 DC motors available from Maxon Motor Australia

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Maxon Motor Australia’s  EC motor range now includes electronically commutated DC motors in 10 and 13mm diameters. Maxon Motor Australia offer an EC DC motor range from ø 6 to 60mm.

Maxon Motor Australia’s EC DC motors are used in applications looking to benefit from the motors’ long service life, high speeds and lack of maintenance, such as medical technology, textile processing machinery, fitting machines and portable hand tools.

Maxon Motor Australia observe that a high density performance and better efficiency are important for motors less than 20mm in diameter. These two criteria are met by the new EC DC motors. The EC 10 DC motor has an output of eight watts and reaches a maximum permissible speed of 80,000min-1.

The EC 13 DC motor is available in two versions, a short one of 6 watt assigned power rating and a long one of 12 watts. Both are designed for a maximum permissible speed of 50,000 min-1. EC DC motors are available with or without Hall sensors. Their flexprint connections provide for a secure connection to the maxon speed controller, making dynamic speed control and positioning possible.

The NdFeB magnetic material used for the rotor can give the maximum torque in a minimum of space. On the mechanical side, the preloaded ball bearings provide precision and a high load capacity.

Planetary gearheads from Maxon Motor Australia’s modular system are available for lower speed applications with correspondingly higher torques.

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