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DC motors with moving coil rotors available from Maxon Motor Australia

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Maxon Motor Australia  have announced the availability of DC motors with moving coil rotor and high performance permanent magnets.

Maxon DC motor programmes may be distinguished as follows: 

  • RE-Programme 
    Size: 6mm to 75mm 
    Capacity: 0.3W to 250W 
    High performance by using Neodymium- (NdFeB) magnets 

  • S-Programme
    Size: 22mm to 32mm 
    Capacity: 6W to 15W with AlNiCo magnets 
    Flexible programme with many versions

  • A-Programme
    Size: 15mm and 20mm 
    Capacity: 0.8W and 1.2W 
    AlNiCo magnets 
    Offers many of the advantages of the S-Programme at lower cost 

  • F-Programme
    Size: 30mm to 60mm 
    Capacity: 2.5W to 80W 
    Ferrite magnets

Maxon DC motors have the following characteristics:                                                                                                                                                                             

  • Mechanical commutation (graphite or precious metal brushes)
  • Excellent volume/performance ratio
  • High efficiency 
  • Low inductance 
  • No magnetic cogging
  • High acceleration through a low mass inertia 
  • Low electromagnetic interference 
  • Linear characteristics
  • High reliability 
  • Multiple combination possibilities with gears, feedback devices and control electronics

These motors can be used in applications such as space robots, aircraft seats, packaging systems, conveyors and chip mounting systems.

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