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Coaxial Drive KD 32 planetary gearhead available from Maxon Motor Australia

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The low noise, Coaxial-Drive (Koaxdrive) KD 32 planetary gearhead from Maxon Motor Australia is a new improved low-noise planetary gearhead for Maxon DC motors, servo motors and brushless DC motors.

The coaxial-drive (Koaxdrive) KD 32 planetary gearhead, measuring 32mm in diameter and with a torque of 6.5 Nm, is suitable for use in noise-sensitive, highly demanding, servo motor applications.

The new high torque gearhead combines two gearing technologies, namely worm and planetary gearing. Special attention has been focused on the first gear stage, as this is where the greatest peripheral motor speeds occur and therefore noise. The new, patent-protected design of the Koaxdrive KD 32 planetary gearhead reduces this noise.

The worm-formed DC motor pinion drives the three offset planetary wheels. These interlock with the internal gear, which has straight cut teeth. The planetary wheels are responsible for reducing noise levels.

All additional stages are set out as a completely ‘normal’ straight-cut planetary gearhead. This unique torque conversion makes servo operations quiet - even with high loads. With an outer diameter of 32mm and a coaxial arrangement on the drive and output shaft, the Koaxdrive KD 32 planetary gearhead is designed for compact automation applications. A number of efficiency levels with the same reduction ratio increases the wide variety of servo applications: in the 11:1 to 1091:1 range, many reduction ratios are available as standard. Maxon Motor Australia also offer high reduction ratios in one stage.

A new, innovative coupling element is assembled on the DC motor or servomotor side, so that the motor shaft is not subjected to axial load. Maximum flexibility is created by the motor shaft diameter not being of primary importance. High brushless motor input speeds of up to 8,000 RPM can easily be reached.

The DC motor modular system from Maxon Motor Australia enables the Koaxdrive KD 32 planetary gearhead to be assembled with the various Maxon Motor options. These low-noise combinations are suitable for hand tools and instruments that can be used in automation, medical and robotic applications.

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