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Visimax LED projectors from Maxon Australia

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With all the latest technology available; laptops/PCs, digital cameras, iPhones, iPods and many other portable devices, presentations, photos, music and movies have become more accessible, regardless of location.

Visimax from Maxon Australia is a light-weight, pocket size LED projector that provides the portability and freedom to quickly and easily project presentations, spreadsheets, images or videos between portable device and any flat surface.

Visimax is suitable for all occasions; from professionally projecting the sales presentation to colleagues and clients from the laptop to sharing photos from the digital camera with family and friends, or even enhancing home entertainment experience.

Users can plug Visimax into a portable device and project images, up to 60", on any flat surface.

Following are the features of the Visimax LED projector:

  • Compatible with laptops/PCs, DVD Players, digital cameras, mobile phones (iPhone, iMate),iPods, and various other portable devices.
  • Light-weight (weighing 120g) and portable; easily fits into a pocket or bag.
  • VGA resolution (640x480)
  • Brightness 15 lumens
  • Contrast ratio 200:1

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